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Autoflowering seeds

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  • AK 47


    The AK 47 was launched in 1992 by no other than Serious Seeds. A reputable cannabis seed company from Amsterdam. AK 47 is now one of their best-selling varieties. Meanwhile, this species became a true classic, it enjoys great international popularity and has won many awards. AK 47 feminized seeds feature many advantages. The strain is …

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  • Blueberry CBD


    Chasing high cbc species and like fruity flavors? Then check out the possibilities of our feminized Blueberry CBD seeds. Blueberry CBD originated from the crossbreed Blueberry F2 x OG Kush CBD x Afghan CBD. With a CBD content of up to 16% and less than 1% THC this is the perfect strain for making your own …

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  • Girl Scout Cookies


    The Girl Scout Cookies strain is a cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush and is perhaps one of the best weed strains originated from California (USA). The cross of these two legendary species resulted in an easy to maintain cannabis plant full of surprises, a great smell and high THC values which can reach …

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  • Northern Lights


    Northern Lights is a true classic and forms the basis for almost all promising indoor varieties. Rumors are saying that Northern Lights seeds first emerged near Seattle in Washington State and propagated from the Netherlands after 1985. However, the strain has been popular for decades because of its narcotic character, ease of cultivation, high flower leaf …

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